Looking for a Cloud Computing Hosting Service Provider Company?

Maybe your current hardware is ageing and needs to be replaced, or you don’t have enough resource to manage your existing IT systems anymore. Or you need to implement a flexible and stable cloud system with the latest applications, but are concerned about cloud security, or migrating to a hosted services platform

We understand. Choosing the right cloud computing provider can be an extremely difficult decision. Who you choose to manage your hosted services can make or break your business.

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Virtual Hosted Desktop and Exchange Email Services for Cloud Hosting

Virtual Hosted Desktop for Cloud Hosting
Virtual hosted desktops remove the need for a traditional PC in the office. Instead you connect to what we call a ‘virtual PC’. This is where you and your staff can access their applications, email and data, centrally from our secure data centres, anywhere in the world.
A virtual hosted desktop, behaves the same as a regular PC, but your information is being streamed to your Virtual PC from our data centres securely to your destination.
Please see our virtual cloud computing video for a better understanding of how our cloud hosted desktop platforms works.

Hosted Email Services for Cloud Hosting
The hosted email exchange service provides your business with a highly secure email platform without the costly investment of in-house infrastructure and support. Your workforce will be able to access their hosted email 24×7365 days a year from anywhere in the world. The exchange hosted email will link directly with your favourite email client including Outlook or Thunderbird, it will also connect to your business class phone including Blackberry, Iphone and Windows Smart phone. Find out how small business cloud computing can work with our email hosting services platform works

Cloud Computing Storage for Cloud Hosting
With Cloud computing hosting services you can backup your business data off-site to our secure data centres where it is stored for you securely.Your critical data is backed up continuously and managed by our support team 24×7 365, so in the event of a disaster you can easily retrieve your files and folders using our online cloud storage platform.
Please see our online hosted cloud computing storage video for a better understanding of how are cloud hosted backup and computing storage platform works.

Virtualisation Solutions for Cloud Hosting
Sagari have built their platform so we can cater for any business large or small. From bespoke web hosted applications to web server hosting.Sagari can provide a service that will fit your business requirements.
One of our friendly Sales staff would be more than happy to discuss your requirements, or provide you a test drive of our services. To contact us directly, please use the following link: Contact us.

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